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June 12, 2019

Language Documentation (भाषा अभिलेखीकरण)

MTCN has been progressing on the language documentation work. Language documentation project has helped the minority language communities by recording the available utterances in audio-video format so that these materials can be used for passing on to the new generation and language and cultural knowledge preservation purposes. In this regard, we record the available utterances in 12 different genres. These audio files represent different kinds of linguistic events in the language community. The linguistic data are entered into the computer for annotation and translation. Language documentation project serves the language users to encounter problems with representation in writing phonemes. However, the initial work starts from whatever available writing system is there at hand. the purpose is to preserve the sample of language varieties for linguistic analysis.

Following things happened in this sector during this FY

Chhathare Limbu language Documentation

Chhathare Limbu language documentation 3 hours data which were collected in previous quarter have just been edited/processed by 3 community language speakers came from Dharan, Sunsari sent by Chhathare Samaaj, (an ethnic language committee) in 14 days. During these days, rough data from the field areas were segmented, re-recorded, transcribed into Nepali language and typed them in Chhathare Limbu in Devanagari script.

TG5 Language. Documentation

18 people from these 4 lg. groups participated in language documentation at Inaruwa. Around 3 hours datas are collected in those 5 mother tongue languages.



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