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Frequently Asked Questions about Mother Tongue Center Nepal (MTCN):

MTCN aims to preserve and develop the diverse mother tongues of Nepal through language documentation, orthography development, and education initiatives.

MTCN works on various fronts including language documentation, orthography development, and dictionary creation. These efforts help in preserving endangered languages and fostering language vitality within communities.

MTCN primarily focuses on the 122 languages listed in the ethnologies of SIL in Nepal, particularly those that are endangered or at risk of extinction.

Language preservation is crucial for maintaining cultural heritage, fostering identity among communities, and ensuring linguistic diversity. Without preservation efforts, many languages face the threat of extinction.

MTCN collaborates with local and international language development agencies to engage with communities for language development activities. They prioritize language documentation and orthography development as foundational work.

MTCN leverages technology for language documentation, orthography development, and dictionary creation. These technological tools help streamline the preservation process and may potentially accelerate language development efforts.

Individuals and organizations can support MTCN by contributing to their language preservation efforts through funding, volunteering, or collaborating on projects aimed at language documentation and development.

MTCN plans to expand its efforts into literacy programs and further develop dictionaries to support language revitalization among ethnic minorities in Nepal. They remain dedicated to working with language communities to ensure the preservation of Nepal’s linguistic diversity.