Language Documentation

In human society, pieces of information are scattered rampantly. Such scattered things, not molded into a structural pattern, are mere debris. Information is a stream of collected pieces of concrete facts. Meaningful facts are knowledge. Practical knowledge is wisdom. In this way, ancient humans created various symbols to record information and knowledge. By forming letters, forming numbers, drawing pictures and passing information down to generations. The archiving process preserves and preserves information, facts and knowledge. Interpretation, analysis and education work to bring knowledge to an intellectual level. So archiving is a human effort to organize information into a structured format.

Language Documentation updates
S.N Working Date Ethnic Language
12013Syuba Language
22014MP-Thaur Language
32014Western Tamang
42014Darai Language
52014Dhimal Language
62014Eastern-Magar Language
82015Majhi Language
92015Dotyali Language
102016Jumli Language
112017Dewas Rai Language
122017Bote Language
132019Dumi Rai Language
142019Uranw Language
152019Kumal Language
162020Kathriya Tharu
172019Kham Magar
192022W. Magar