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Lead Projects

Lead Projects

Pipal Pustak

In the initial stage, MTCN worked for the development of the resources for mother tongues in Nepal, which we called the Mother Tongue Resource Center (MTRC).


Guide for Planning the Future of your Language (GPFL) is a tool for the language communities for the planning of their language development activities.

Dictionary Development (शब्दकोश निर्माण)

Having a dictionary in a language community shows the language has been stored in a document with certain rules of arrangement.

Orthography Development (लेखनशैलीको निर्माण)

Orthography Development is a program for developing a writing guide for language users when they begin to write an article or any material in their language.

Language Documentation (भाषा अभिलेखीकरण)

Language documentation project has helped the minority language communities by recording the available utterances in audio-video format so that these materials can be used.

Stakeholders Meeting (सरोकारवालाहरूको भेला )

A Stakeholders Meeting leads to language development works to develop the atmosphere of informed consent on the issue of LEAD work for the respective language community.