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About Us


About Us

MTCN stands for Mother Tongue Center Nepal. It started in the year 2001 with the translation of booklets into different mother tongues of Nepal on social issues like health, awareness, empowerment, etc, developed by UMN in the Nepali language. From 2002 onward, it has been further working on language development and education.

Now MTCN works for language documentation and orthography development ( A Mother Tongue Writing Guide), stretching further on for dictionary development and the literacy program in the future to help ethnic minorities in the area of language development and to preserve endangered languages in Nepal.


Registration No: 2817/105 (2065), Lalitpur

SWC Affiliation No: 26716.

PAN No: 303428222

Message from Director

We are a team dedicated to working with the language communities. There are 122 languages in Nepal listed in the ethnologies of SIL. Out of which, some of the languages are dying out day by day. If nothing is done against such repetitive erosion, the speed will likely go more rapidly from moribund to extinction. The initiative for the preservation of languages is very important in the ethnic group. Such issues, when put into technological efforts, may potentially yield a faster way. We do this through Language Documentation, the development of the Writing Guide, and Dictionary development as the foundational work for the language development activities. We train people to impact the community through language development.

We work partnering with language development agencies; locally as well as more widely. We would like to be engaged with communities for the sake of language development activities; however, our primary choice is to begin with language documentation and the writing guide (orthography).

message from director

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